What’s a photography company without a top ten list? So many people ask us where the “best places to photograph in Vancouver” are. Well there isn’t just one. We try and take people to the best places, but there are a few that we don’t take groups to and you’ll be able to visit on your own. See below for our quick and dirty recommendations for the best places to photograph Vancouver!

  1. Gastown – brilliant day or night, this historic area has textures and buildings to satisfy photographers at any level. It’s being gentrified, so don’t forget your credit card! You’ll want to stop in at one of the cafes, restaurants or shops in the “modern heritage” buildings. You may have heard of the steam clock, this draws visitors from near and wide, and when you face West you will be rewarded with the Harbour Centre in the background.
    Come see us day or night on a Photowalk in  Historic Gastown!


Top Ten Places to Photograph in Vancouver
  • Granville Island –Not really an island, the industrial roots of this area make it another hot spot for both day and night photography. By day we have vibrant colours at the lively market, industrial remains and eclectic artisan shops. Book our Granville Island photowalk to join us for photos like this!
Top Ten Places to Photograph Vancouver
Beautifully stacked fruit at Granville Island. This macro shallow depth of field shot captures the essence of Vancouver.

By night we have stunning views and reflections of the city, boats in the marina and the iconic
Burrard St. and Granville St. bridges that sandwich the “island”.Under the Burrard St. Bridge – south side. It seems strange, but one of my favourite places to capture the city is right next to Granville Island. See for yourself! It’s good for capturing Granville Island from the outside, and on most days the dramatic clouds in Vancouver make for an interesting shot. We don’t run public photowalks here, but you can check it our for yourself, or book a private tour with us anytime!

  • Portside Park (used to be Crab Park) – at the north end of Main Street, and just after Gastown turns into Railtown, we have a bridge to the Port. This area boasts excellent and unique views of the city from the East edge (not many people make it to this area) but if you turn around you will see the core of our port culture. Fishing boats with fresh catches, container ships being loaded and unloaded, and a variety of other marine activity take place here. All of this with the North Shore mountains as a backdrop.
    We don’t run public photowalks here either, but you can check it our for yourself, or book a private tour with us anytime!
  • Canada Place/Convention Centre – We don’t run weekly tours here for no reason! We all know and love iconic Canada Place with the Sails, but next door is the architecturally unique Convention Centre West. You know the one, the angular building with the grass roof next to the 2010 Olympic Cauldron. This area has it all, views of the North Shore, and enough lines and angles to inspire any architectural photographer. The seawalk here has artistic elements, views of Stanley Park, and our Vancouver Special, the floating gas station and seaplane mecca.
    Photowalks available at this location: Canada Place, Gastown (do this at night)

  • Stanley Park – I probably couldn’t claim to be a photographer without mentioning Stanley Park. It is gorgeous inside and out. Whether you have a quick moment to drive around the perimeter, or if you get a half day to wander the trails in the interior. They don’t call it the jewel of Vancouver for nothing. You will be rewarded with postcard-worthy views of the city, colourful and cultural totem poles, mountains, and the open harbour once you make it around to the west side. Stop and enjoy the beaches or grab a bite at the Fish House or Prospect Point Café.
    Photowalk available at this location: Stanley Park

Top Ten Places to Photograph Vancouver
The totem poles at Stanley Park seen from a unique perspective.

Lions Gate Bridge – this one will require some walking and a zoom lens, but you can get some great images of Vancouver from the EAST side of the bridge while walking across. Depending on your time, go all the way to West Vancouver and come back on the other side of the bridge for some great views of the west side of Stanley Park and West Vancouver. I highly recommend cycling to speed up your travel time and get some exercise.

Vancouver Skyline from the Bridge

Olympic Village – At the end of False Creek near Science world is Olympic village. I swear, it was designed by a photographer, with all the colours, textures, backdrops and fun areas to shoot. There is a small stretch of railroad tracks, a big copper pipe, a lagoon, the colourful aquabus station, kayak and dragon boating kiosk, Science World (worth mentioning again), views of the city (see a pattern here?), BC Place and our historic salt building that is now home to the Craft Beer Market. And good news, we just launched our Olympic Village photowalk and have weekly day and night tours you can join.

Top Ten Places to Photography in Vancouver
Top Ten Places to Photograph in Vancouver

Kitsilano – If you like beaches, then kits is the place for you. Summer or winter, you can wander around on the rocks, or stay safely on the walking path. This lively area provides Vancouver’s main “urban beach “experience, with beach volleyball and stand up paddleboards in the summer, and … not as much in the winter. In the winter, visit the nearby Museum of Vancouver – with their own lagoon, epic views of the city, and if it’s raining go inside where they welcome photographers with open arms (more like open doors, but if I was there I would hug you).

UBC – Museum of Anthropology. This area is peaceful and calm. The museum also encourages photography and has rotating exhibits alongside their permanent first nations exhibit (which is amazing). If it’s clear, you can wander out back and capture amazing reflections of the unique building, and even head down the Cliffside to the golden beach. No views of the city from here, it’s all nature and ocean; if you’re lucky you’ll see a resident bald eagle.

Top Ten Places to Photograph in Vancouver
Top Ten Places to Photograph in Vancouver